Siyabonga aka The Chizy Boy

Siyabonga Maenesta also known as The Chizy Boy lives in Bushbuckridge South Africa. He begin  singing in the church as a young child. In High School he was appointed choir director.  There ended up being six young boys in this choir. They decided to call themselves The Mighty Voices. They sung at their high school during assembly time for their classmates every Monday and Friday morning. They tried out for South African Got Talent and made it through to second round. They were not picked to go on the live show.  He still sings with them occasionally but due to some of them going to college and living in different places it's hard for all of them to get together.  We discovered him on you-tube singing a song with his group members called Loliwe to his classmates.  If you haven't  heard it click the link below and go listen to it. He also has  God's Love, Beautiful Love and Love Is on you-tube as well. All the links are below.  After over two years of working on his album  it is finally complete and will be released this month (May). You will be able to  purchase or listen to  this album on all the musical outlets.  God's Love has  already been released and is  on all the musical outlets so if you haven't already purchased it please support him and go purchase it.  We appreciate everyone that has supported him throughout his journey. Please continue to support him.

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Love Is - 

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